Who's Who

Senior Leadership Team


Ben%20Radbourne%282%29%20 %20Deputy%20Headteacher%20 %20Copy  Mr B Radbourne - Acting Headteacher

Miss%20Walmsley Miss S Walmsley- Acting Deputy Headteacher/SEND Manager


Teaching Staff

Early Years 

Pam%20Chapman%20 %20FS12%20Team%20Leader Mrs P Chapman - Nursery Class Teacher and Early Years Phase Leader 

Miss%20L%20Bird Miss L Bird - Reception Class Teacher, Computing Lead and Website Management

Leanne%20Dilkes%20 %20TeacherMiss L Dilkes - Reception Class Teacher, English Lead and Computing Lead



Helen%20Latham%20 %20KS1%20Team%20Leader Mrs H Latham - Year 1 Teacher, KS1 Phase Leader, Maths Lead and Music Lead

Malgorzata%20Taylor%20 %20TeacherMrs G Taylor - Year 1 Teacher, RE/PSHE Lead and EAL Lead

Lauren%20Sayers%20 %20TeacherMiss L Sayers  - Year 1 Teacher and PE Lead 

Mel%20Fisher%20 %20TeacherMrs M Fisher - Year 2 Teacher, Science Lead and Art Lead

Mrs N Horobin - Year 2 Teacher and Phonics Lead 


Alison%20Bell%20 %20TeacherMrs A Bell - Ark Class Teacher and Ark Manager 


Mrs%20Fearn%282%29%20 %20Teacher Mrs A Fearn - Year 3 Teacher, LKS2 Phase Leader and English Lead 

Miss L Webb - Year 3 Teacher and RE/PSHE Lead

Mr J Campbell - Year 4 Teacher, Family Engagement and Pupil Premium Lead

Mrs%20Johnson%20 %20Teacher Mrs L Johnson - Year 4 Teacher, Maths Lead and MFL Lead

Mr%20Harton%20 %20Teacher  Mr M Harton - Year 5 Teacher, PE Lead and Geography Lead

Sara%20o%20Rourke%20Mrs S O'Rourke - Year 5 Teacher and Music Lead

Mrs%20Pearson%20 %20Teacher Mrs C Pearson - Year 6 Teacher, UKS2 Phase Leader and History Lead

Miss%20Sims%20 %20Teacher Miss L Sims - Year 6 Teacher and Acting SENCO 

Mr L Charnock - Year 6 Teacher and DT Lead 

Mr%20Farina%20 %20Teacher Mr R Farina - Nurture Class Teacher

Natalie%20Wilding%20 %20TeacherMrs N Wilding - Teacher (Maternity) and Geography Lead


Mrs%20Neale%20 %20Teacher Mrs N Neale - Phoenix Class Teacher and Phoenix Manager

Mr%20Price%20 %20Teacher Mr J Price - Phoenix Class Teacher, Science Lead and Art Lead

Tim%20Clulow Mr T Clulow - Phoenix Class Teacher


Teaching Assistants


Early Years and KS1

Samantha%20Hassall%20 %20Teaching%20AssistantMrs S Hassell - Speech and Language and SENCO Assistant

Mrs C Brown - Nursery 

Felicity%20Ovaere%20%20 %20Teaching%20Assistant Mrs F Ovaere - Nursery

Miss%20Ward%20 %20Teaching%20Assistant Miss E Ward - Nursery

Mrs T Ives - Reception

Fiona%20McCann%20 %20Teaching%20Assistant Mrs F McCann - Reception

Mandy%20Coons%20 %20Teaching%20Assistant Mrs M Coons - Year 1 

Dee%20Bassett%20 %20Teaching%20Assistant Mrs D Bassett - Year 1

Julie%20Bushnell%20 %20Teaching%20Assistant Mrs J Bushnell- Year 1

Miss C Cooper - Year 1 and Cover  

Michelle%20Dean%20 %20Teaching%20AssistantMrs M Dean - Year 2

Mrs E Thomas - year 2 

Mrs K Stone- PPA and Cover


Helen%20Mo%20 %20Teaching%20AssistantMrs H Mo 

Sonya%20Clarke%20 %20Teaching%20Assistant%5B1%5D  Mrs S Clarke 

Joyce%20Baxter%20%20 %20Teaching%20Assistant Mrs J Baxter

Lucy.JPG Miss L Finnegan

Wendy Mrs W Briggs

Miss B Briody 


Mr%20Green%20 %20Teaching%20AssistantHLTA Mr M Green - Year 3

Miss M Morgan - Year 3 

Mrs%20Ledger%20 %20Teaching%20Assistant Mrs N Ledger - Year 3 

Jude%20Shelton%20 %20Teaching%20Assistant Mrs J Shelton - Year 4

Miss%20Georgie%20Barker%20 %20Teaching%20AssistantHLTA Miss G Barker - Year 4

Mrs%20Crispin%20 %20Teaching%20AssistantHLTA Mrs G Crispin - Year 5 

Mrs%20Brentnall%20 %20Teaching%20AssistantHLTA Mrs K Brentall - Year 5

Mrs S Gahonia - Year 5 

Mr%20Fairbrother%20 %20Teaching%20AssistantHLTA Mr N Fairbrother - Year 6

Mr%20Pegg%20 %20Teaching%20Assistant Mr E Pegg - Year 6 

Miss B Pickering - Year 6/Nurture

Miss A Cotton - Year 6 

Mrs%20Fearn%20 %20Teaching%20AssistantHLTA Mrs J Fearn - Nurture

Karah%20Johnson%20 %20Teaching%20AssistantHLTA Mrs K Johnson - Nurture


Jo%20Brentnall%20 %20Teaching%20AssistantHLTA Mrs J Brentall 

Miss L Flowers 

Mrs%20Norton%20 %20Teaching%20AssistantHLTA Mrs J Norton 

Alison%20Whitlam Mrs A Whitlam 

Miss G Gordon 

Miss B Pateman 

Mrs I Trehan

Miss%20OSullivan%20 %20Teaching%20Assistant Miss P O'Sullivan 

Miss S Edwards 

Mrs%20Page%20 %20Teaching%20Assistant Mrs L Page 

Rebecca%20Humber%20 Miss R Humber


Administration Staff

Miss D Cockeram - School Business Manager

Mrs%20Archard%20 %20Administration%20officer Mrs A Archard - Administration Officer

Sam%20Shaw%20 %20Administration%20OfficerMiss S Shaw - Administration & Attendance Officer

Kara%20Wickland%20 %20Administration%20Officer Mrs K Wickland - Administration Officer


Site Managing Staff

Matt%20Rains%20 %20Site%20Manager Mr M Rains- Site Manager

Mrs%20Imlach%20 %20Assistant%20Caretaker Mrs J Imlach - Assistant


Support Staff (Cleaners/Midday Supervisors & Kitchen Assistants)


Mrs E Byrne

Tracey%20Carter%20 %20Midday%20SupervisorMrs T Carter

Mrs W Harrison

Yvonne%20Holmes%20 %20Midday%20SupervisorCleaner Mrs Y Holmes

Mrs%20Imlach%20 %20Assistant%20Caretaker Mrs J Imlach

Karen%20James%20 %20Midday%20SupervisorMrs K James

Miss S Kirkley

Sheila%20May%20 %20Midday%20SupervisorCleaner Mrs S May

Mrs E Moran

Jennifer%20Netting%20 %20Midday%20Supervisor%20CleanerMrs J Netting

Mrs L O’Brien

Patrica%20Page%20%20 %20Cleaner Mrs P Page

Mrs D Preston

Mrs June Shore

Mandy%20Smith%20 %20Midday%20SupervisorCleaner Mrs A Smith

Jane%20Smith%20 %20Breakfast%20ClubCleaner Miss J Smith

Nicola%20Upchurch%20 %20Midday%20SupervisorMrs N Upchurch

Mrs D Walters