COVID-19 Information

Please click on the links below to find more information. All the most relevant information for parents is regulary shared through Class Dojo our Parent/School Communication App. If you do not have access to this please ask your class teacher or email for the link to get you connected to your child's class. 

 Hi Everyone, 

In school provision for Key worker children and Vulnerable children:
- Start and end times will remain the same.
- Drop off points will be the same (unless directed otherwise by the class teacher)
- Lunch provision will be the same for the children.
- The children will be taught in their year group bubble with their peers who meet the criteria to be offered a school place. If they are in a mainstream class where there are 2 or more classes, it may be that they are taught by their own teacher and the year group partner teacher some of the time. This allows the other teacher to organise the home learning provision.
- Breakfast club will run as it has been running.
- After school care may be closed if there are not enough children to make it cost effective (we will talk to the parents this affects individually about this).
- The children will be taught what they should have been taught this term.

Home learning expectation:
**the expectation for the Ark, Phoenix, Mr Farina's and Nursery are different - the teachers will explain this to you if your child is accessing home learning**

- For families who are entitled to free school meals, we will be operating the voucher system again but please bear with us while we confirm who is at home and who is accessing school provision. We will look to have this "sorted" by the end of next week.
- From Monday 11th January, in the mainstream classes, there will be one teacher who will be organising the home learning offer for the week. They will tell you who this is at the start of the week and they will be available to support with home learning so please contact them even if they are not your child's teacher for that week.
- The teachers will be creating presentations for the children that are the same as the learning that the children in school will get. They will use Loom which allows the teachers to talk over the presentation. There will be an activity set for the children to complete on their portfolio. Minimal resources other than a device that can access the internet will be needed.
- The children will need to complete the work on their portfolio and send it back to the teacher who will provide feedback to the child.
- There will be an English, Maths, Reading and Foundation subject (plus a phonics for EYFS and Y1). This will total about 2.5-3hrs of learning a day which is the government expectation for primary children.
- We will be expecting the children to access and respond to their learning daily and will support in any way possible.
- The work will be uploaded onto Dojo by no later than 9am for the day.
- You may be contacted and asked to do some live online work with a staff member in school such as listening to readers or 1:1 tuition. If this is the case, there is a risk assessment that you will need to follow to ensure that we are keeping your child safe.
- We will NOT be providing any "packs" this time and we want all parents/carers to please try this new method. We have a legal duty to provide the same quality of teaching and learning that the children in school are receiving as the children who are getting home learning are receiving and paper packs just cannot provide this same level of learning. We ask that all parents engage with this method until Friday 15th Jan and then we will review it with parents and staff.

We have set the bar high for our staff about the expectation for home learning so please bear with them while we get used to something new that will really enhance the children's learning ability if they are at home. A huge shout-out to the staff who have absolutely and whole heartedly embraced it!!

We ask that parents please engage with the home learning to the best of their ability - the children have missed out on so much already and we really need to give them the best opportunities over the next 6 weeks (or so). The teachers will be expecting regular contact from all families who are accessing the home learning offer. This will be within reason - if you message to say you and your child are ill, we will not chase for contact but please keep the home learning teacher in the loop about things that may affect your ability to engage for a period of time. You have been so amazing in supporting your children over the past 9 months with their learning - this is the last leg and you should all be proud of what you have achieved! Very few of you trained to be an educator but you're doing it (and well).

Finally, thank you so much to the kind words, messages of support, smiles, thanks, patience while we are sorting and prioritising. You really have made a gargantuan (one of my favourite words) task infinitively more manageable!

The Brackensdale Team :)


Below is a survey to fill in if you believe you child should be in school if they fit into the Key worker or Vulnerable Categories, please also message Miss Walsmley or Mr Radbourne on class dojo once you have filled it in. Thanks


COVID-19 Risk Assessment - Lockdown 3 Updated January 2021

COVID-19 Flow chart