Current Topics

Summer 2018

FS1/Nursery: The children are going to be Busy Builders and will use fictional, well known texts to explore this topic such as ‘The 3 Little Pigs


FS2/Reception: The children are going to be using the popular topic of Pirates to continue their learning journeys into the summer term.


Year 1: The children are looking at Watery Worlds and a trip to the Sea life Centre this week will be an amazing real life stimulus for the topic.


Year 2: A science based topic for Year 2 based on Scented Gardens, looking at growing.


Year 3/4: They are looking at real life and fictional characters through the topic of Heroes & Villains. This will also include a visit from the Dogs Trust.


Year 5/6: They are looking at how animals are adapted to their environments through the topic Beast Creator. They will have a visit from Bugs ‘n’ Bones.


If you have not received a topic web and homework suggestion sheet then please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s class teacher.